Ceramic tile has been a premium building material for literally thousands of years. And for good reason – no material is more attractive or durable. Today, ceramic and stone tile is enjoying even greater popularity with their natural feel and beautiful designs.

TTQ offers all types of tile installation including floors, walls, patio, splashbacks and shower stalls. We specialize in both commercial and private projects with clients such as Woolworths, Target etc. (examples in Gallery).

Tile Sample Book

tile book example

A Terrazzo Tile Sample book will give you an excellent reference point to colours and textures on offer. Although a computer screen may well be good, the appeareance of ANY of our Tiles will differ quite significantly from one screen to another. The best way is to purchase our Sample book, which will give you the best resolution and closest resemblence of the product type you are looking for. The Sample Book is $50 plus postage and will be reimbursed upon the completetion of any tile order. 

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